About Us

Young company founded in 2007 to respond to the modern needs of the contract market, Chairs & More immediately presents itself to the international market with its linear design collections such as the So Pretty armchair and Gotham chair. The attention to comfort, the quality of the materials and the careful production allow the company to grow rapidly by offering new collections every year and obtaining feedback from the market and the international press that recognizes their strong personality and constant commitment to search for new product concepts.

In 2014, Chairs & More starts the collaboration with young designers; Kazuko Okamoto designs the Churros collection, which interprets the concept of modular seating, Antonio de Marco and Simone Fanciullacci design the Jujubee for outdoor use.

Since then, the company has been continuously committed to developing new products by selecting young and talented designers like Tommaso Caldera, winning the second award at the Young Design 2017 with the Mousse armchair presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and the Pastina Design Studio with the Chips collection. Roberto Paoli designs the Babah collection, in rigid polyurethane, and the Nube collection, with the seat in innovative FreeForm soft polyurethane.

In 2020 Chairs & More expands its range of outdoor seating by offering 3 collections that interpret the theme of weaving in a different way: Altana, designed by Antonio de Marco, Millie from Studio Pastina and Klot created by the new collaboration with young designers by AM Studio.

“We turn to those who choose design but do not lose sight of comfort, to those who are attracted by originality but do not want excess, to those who seek quality and appreciate the willingness to collaborate, recognizing that service is a fundamental component of what is offered”.

Marco Roseano
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Studio Pastina

Domenico Santoro and Francesca Puddu in 2012 founded the Studio Pastina together. They collaborate with companies, private customers and galleries, always applying their vision of design, dealing with product development and interior decoration.

Pablo Regano

Pablo (Valencia, 1994) is a design engineer who founded the studio in 2021. The culture of his hometown has influenced his designs, which are full of expressiveness and color. The studio specializes in furniture design, and his vision lies in the connection created between the product and the user, therefore developing a pleasant bond between the item and the person. He is passionate about Mediterranean culture. Climate, nature, and light are the pillars on which this culture is based. These values are an inspiration to create products that have also added worth to their function, giving a soul to each design.


Designerd : InfoDesign duos, stemming from diverse design backgrounds, seamlessly fuse their collective Asian-European design expertise across furniture, objects, and graphic design. Among these, Designerd stands out for their adeptness in achieving a harmonious equilibrium between artistry and design functionality. They meticulously navigate shapes, forms, and materials to articulate their unique visions, expressing cultural perspectives through their creations

AM Studio

Gathered by the same passion for art and craftsmanship, two young professionals Anica Andrić and Milan Karišik founded their own design reality in 2019, providing product, furniture and interior design services.

Sovrappensiero Design Studio

Sovrappensiero Design Studio was born in 2007 from the collaboration between Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, a designer from Campania with a studio in Milan. Over the years they have been recognized as one of the most interesting emerging designers on the Italian scene and today they design for various industrial companies including Porada, Bialetti, Mamoli, JCP Universe, NAVA, Vibram, WayPoint and Manerba. They collaborate as teachers with the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Bologna and the NABA of Milan.

Tommaso Caldera

Trained with international experiences, from 2012 he began collaborating with Italian design companies.
The studio deals with product design and art direction for Italian and international companies.

Antonio de Marco

Trained at the Polytechnic of Milan, he undertook several international experiences before returning to Italy. He is one of the founders of the 4P1B studio with which he received the first design successes. In 2017 he founded his studio continuing research and experimentation in design.

Simone Fanciullacci

Ligurian by birth but Milanese by adoption, he is one of the founders of the 4P1B studio with which he obtained numerous publications and awards. In 2017, once the collaboration with 4P1B ended, he began to sign the projects he develops with his own name.

Roberto Paoli

Architect and designer specialized in small-scale design. His creative process combines consolidated technical knowledge with an awareness of the performance of materials to innovate and give substance to products of a very essential design.

Dario Delpin

Since the 70s he has been developing interior and furnishing projects with Italian design companies. Taking advantage of decades of experience in the design of modern seating, he undertook numerous collaborations with companies from the Triveneto and in 2007 began to design products also for Chairs & More.

Kazuko Okamoto

Japanese designer, she moved to Europe to expand his professional experience. Since 2008 he collaborates with Italian and international companies. She currently lives and works in Milan.