New Chips catalog

Sleek and slick, the Chips collection is a true eye-catcher, with its unmistakably upbeat, trendy style. Designed by Studio Pastina for Chairs&More, Chips is a set of chairs and stools, the back of which is without doubt their most iconic and characterising feature. With its ample curves and generous size, it almost seems to transcend the limits of mere functionality, and by extending beyond the seat, it redefines its space in novel ways, giving rise to an original and captivating creation. This is a design that playfully toys with a double contrast of volumes, the horizontal one dominated by the back, and the upright one, stretching out beneath the seat. The legs are sleek and slender, most notably in the models endowed with either a metal sled base or beech legs. The vertical linearity of the bases, complemented by the elongated shape of the back, is particularly evident in the double-height stools of this collection.