Babah at the U. N. Headquarters

Babah seats by Chairs & More have played a leading role in the recent refurbishment of the Library Events Room in the renowned Palais des Nations, the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. This 300 square metre large conference room hosts a wide array of events, bringing together members of the international community to exchange information and ideas. Ready to accommodate the Geneva public are now a couple of hundred chairs supplied by our company, selected for this purpose by the architect of this prestigious project, Ms Federica Perrini.

The majestic hall of the Palais des Nations Library is characterised by elements that, though few in number, are powerfully suggestive; they also serve to tone down the austere architecture, giving rise to an airy, comfortable environment. A large painting by Henrik Sørensen, dating back to 1939, dominates the room from inside a niche behind the dais, and countless bookcases line the walls. At the centre, the Babah chairs designed by Roberto Paoli – in this case, in the all white variant – give substance to the floor, illuminating the whole room. A delicate play of light seems to highlight the iconic back of this chair, crafted in pressed polyurethane; this elegant and sophisticated detail gives the illusion of an upholstered frame. Light and practical, Babah chairs are ideal for this type of solution, because they are extremely easy to stack. A custom-made metal safety clasp was added to ensure that the rows of chairs would be both tidier and more stable.

The renovated look of this room was warmly praised by Mr. Michael Møller, General Director of the United Nations, during the inauguration ceremony, and confirms the international appeal of all Chairs & More creations.

Project: Events Room at the UNOG Library

Venue: Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)

Product: Babah S with white metal frame and legs, designed by Roberto Paoli



Chairs & More will be present at Hall HALL 11.2 STAND H.030G with the latest collections and the new 2019 preview collection.

Participation is a partner of the Italian Chair District for International Markets network.



New Nube Catalog


An informal, whimsical, almost ironic spirit seems to transpire from Nube, a comprehensive collection of chairs and stools designed by Roberto Paoli for Chairs&More. The material employed is soft polyurethane, mimicking upholstery to perfection. The design is very sinuous, characterised by the rounded curves of its back, and a seat that has all the advantages of padding without its drawbacks. This latter element is made in Freeform, a fire-proof, scratch-resistant material that is also extremely easy to clean. Another element characterising the programme is the hole at the back of the chairs and stools, which makes them lighter in both weight and appearance, as well as easier to handle. Three types of bases are available: Nube S is endowed with metal legs, Nube SL has a sled base, and the most striking version of all – Nube W – has rounded beech sheaths fitted over its metal legs, a feature that strongly enhances the Seventies look evoked by this collection. Nube is available in five different colours: Black, White, Mud, Yellow and Red.

New Chips catalog

Sleek and slick, the Chips collection is a true eye-catcher, with its unmistakably upbeat, trendy style. Designed by Studio Pastina for Chairs&More, Chips is a set of chairs and stools, the back of which is without doubt their most iconic and characterising feature. With its ample curves and generous size, it almost seems to transcend the limits of mere functionality, and by extending beyond the seat, it redefines its space in novel ways, giving rise to an original and captivating creation. This is a design that playfully toys with a double contrast of volumes, the horizontal one dominated by the back, and the upright one, stretching out beneath the seat. The legs are sleek and slender, most notably in the models endowed with either a metal sled base or beech legs. The vertical linearity of the bases, complemented by the elongated shape of the back, is particularly evident in the double-height stools of this collection.